While the twentieth century provided modern life conditions to humanity, it also brought problems along with urbanization. Distortion had occurred on the ecological balance of the earth as a result of technologic progress.  The breakdown on the relation of human-nature became threatening the future generations and the “Climate Change” had fairly became evident.

The significant project in subject regarding the environment is the storage of solid wastes brought to the solid waste storing area of the municipality and the production of electricity from the methane gas composed at the solid waste storage area and collected by pipes or collector system.

Domestic solid wastes brought to the solid waste regular storage area are disposed by the municipality. As there are various disposal methods in the world, regular storage method is being used that is the most reliable and environment friendly method among these systems.

On the regular storing method the methane gas occurring by the decay of landfill has negative effects on global warming. Today when the renewable energy is being mentioned intensely Municipality of Bolu will produce energy by using the methane gas of the landfill.The company in subject will perform the subject by the Build-Operate method completely by the own finance of the company


The required project design and license operations required for this plant had started. Furthermore for performing the detailed analysis of solid wastes at the storage area analysis and measurements had been made by bringing technical staff from the country and South Korea.


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